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Concave (Branch) Cutter

Concave (Branch) Cutter

$ 76.00


Concave cutters are the standard tools used to reduce or remove branches. 


  • 6.5" Round Edge
  • 7" Narrow Straight Edge
  • 8" Round Edge
  • 8" Round Edge Stainless
  • 8" Straight Edge
  • 10.8" Straight Edge

Tool Tips

  • The blades of Concave Cutters are designed to overlap. This maintains edge sharpness and makes cutting easier compared with blades that don't overlap.
  • Round Edge models have sharper edges than Straight Edge models. They create clean, even cuts similar to cuts made with knob cutters.
  • Carbon Steel models have sharper edges than Stainless Steel models.
  • Stainless Steel models are more rust-resistant than Carbon Steel models.


  • Concave cutters are designed to cut branches up to 1/2 the size of the blade length. Cutting larger branches may result in damage to the tool.

Made in Japan by Kaneshin