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Concave (Branch) Cutter

Concave (Branch) Cutter

$ 82.00


Concave cutters are the standard tools used to reduce or remove branches. 


  • 6.5" Round Edge (4S)
  • 7" Narrow Straight Edge (6B)
  • 8" Round Edge (4)
  • 8" Round Edge Stainless (804)
  • 8" Straight Edge (3A)
  • 10.8" Straight Edge (5)

Tool Tips

  • The blades of Concave Cutters are designed to overlap. This maintains edge sharpness and makes cutting easier compared with blades that don't overlap.
  • Round Edge models have sharper edges than Straight Edge models. They create clean, even cuts similar to cuts made with knob cutters.
  • Carbon Steel models have sharper edges than Stainless Steel models.
  • Stainless Steel models are more rust-resistant than Carbon Steel models.


  • Concave cutters are designed to cut branches up to 1/2 the size of the blade length. Cutting larger branches may result in damage to the tool.

Made in Japan by Kaneshin

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
My First Bonsai Tool

Just getting into Bonsai and did pretty extensive research what tools to get started with. Reading everything available to me online I found Kaneshin tools are trusted for their quality and performance, so that was a good starting place. In the three trees I've gotten to use my Concave Cutter I've thoroughly enjoyed it. Not to say that I'm not "bootstrapping" with other non-bonsai brands/tools, but as I get more and more into it I look forward to adding more Kanshin tools to my arsenal.
As for the specific tool, I opted for the (804) Round Edge Stainless Concave Cutter. I knew the primary/immediate use was to be for my Azalea projects, so taking advice from Kaneshin's website I went for the stainless cutters, opting for easier maintenance in place of the sharper blue steel options that require more upkeep. In the future I'll invest in some blue steel tools, but I want to be more familiar with cleaning and sharpening practices so for my first tool I went stainless. The cuts are clean and effortless, and I'm happy with my choice.

Eric Schrader
Great tools 👍

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Nice tool. Great hand fit  and razor sharp edges. Expect nothing less from Kaneshein tools