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Bonsai Saws

Bonsai Saws

$ 30.00


Saws for removing branches. Fine teeth and beveled edges make for clean cuts.

  • Narrow Blade Saw for removing branches in tight spaces. 8.8" length, 4" blade
  • Wood Handled Folding Saw. 6.5" folded, 11.5" extended, 4.5" blade
  • Silky 130mm Pocket Boy fine teeth. 6.5" folded, 11.3 extended, 4.5" blade
  • ARS Professional Folding Saw for quick removal of larger branches. 9.5" folded, 17.4" extended, 8" blade. Hard chrome plated teeth for rust and sap resistance, impulse hardened to stay sharp longer, Die-cast aluminum grip is rubber coated for extra comfort. Locks in 2 open positions.
Made in Japan