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Japanese Satsuki Bonsai

Japanese Satsuki Bonsai

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"Japanese Satsuki Bonsai: How to Grow Satsuki Bonsai and An Introduction to their Varieties" is an English language book about satsuki azalea care published by Shogo Watanabe in Japan.

This book provides an overview of satsuki cultivation and care as it is practiced in Japan. As the text has been translated from Japanese, some passages are not written in idiomatic English.

80 pages. 10" x 7.1" soft cover.


  • Various styles of satsuki bonsai
  • Create a bonsai from a basic tree
  • Care of bonsai straight from the ground
  • Pruning the styled plants after the blooming season
  • How to grafting
  • Routing maintenance
  • Technical words used for bonsai in Japan
  • About the flowers
  • The most popular varieties of satsuki bonsai