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Online Presentation

Online Presentation

Online Presentation

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Note: please write me to book a virtual presentation at jonas at bonsaitonight dot com. You can use this link to confirm the reservation once the details have been set.

If your club is looking for a speaker for an online presentation, I'll be happy to help! Feel free to select one of the programs below or suggest a custom program suitable for your club members. Popular topics include:

  • Ten Things I Wish I Knew as a Beginner: a look at the lessons I wish I'd learned early in my bonsai journey using examples of trees from my collection.
  • Long-Term Strategies for Growing Quality Bonsai from Scratch: an overview of the bonsai development process aimed at helping identify which techniques apply at different stages of development. Program can feature different species or focus on black pine bonsai.
  • Seasonal Care: an overview of the techniques to focus on in the coming season. This topic can be limited to a specific species like pine or azalea, or to a group of trees like conifers, deciduous bonsai, or broadleaf evergreens.
  • Decandling: beginning and advanced approaches to managing vigor on Japanese red and black pines in spring.
  • Repotting: a video with live narration featuring the repotting of a mature Japanese beech forest.
  • Selecting containers for bonsai: a slide-based program aimed at helping participants select containers of the appropriate size, color, and style for their trees.
  • Slide shows from Japanese bonsai gardens or exhibits, or a virtual visit to the Sierra Nevada to see spectacular Sierra junipers growing in their natural environment.
  • Suggest a topic of your own: I regularly create new programs so feel free to let me know if you have any ideas!

The basic rate for a 90-120 minute program is 300. Additional fees may apply depending on the length or nature of the program. I can use your club's Zoom account or my own.

Programs may include slides, pre-recorded video clips with live narration, and live demonstrations. I encourage questions throughout presentations by chat or by voice.

For more suggestions, including suggestions for other popular presenters, see "How to Host a Virtual Bonsai Presentation."