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Cut Paste

Cut Paste

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Cut pastes for treating wounds.


  • Cut Paste Hi 190g & 500g
  • Cut Paste (liquid)
  • Top Jin M
  • Kirikuchi-Naoru liquid (Cut Repair Sealer)
  • Kirikuchi-Naoru putty (Cut Repair Sealer)
  • Kiyonal
  • Callus Mate

Tips & Usage

  • Cut Paste Hi is an all-purpose brown putty that remains soft after application.
  • Cut Paste (liquid) is a soft version of Cut Paste Hi. It is brown with a periwinkle tint that remains relatively soft after application.
  • Top Jin M is an orange liquid that dries hard. It contains Thiophanate-methyl, a nematocide with fungicidal properties. It is popular for use with azaleas and tropical species.
  • The Kirikuchi-Naoru (Cut Repair Sealer), is a green liquid that dries hard. It can heal wounds quickly but can cause thick callus to form. It is popular for species like quince for which it's hard to close wounds.
  • The Kirikuchi-Naoru Putty is can be used with conifers or deciduous species.
  • Kiyonal is an all-purpose liquid sealer.
  • Putty is easier to use on large wounds than on small wounds. Liquid sealers are good for larger or small wounds.

Made in Japan


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