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Cut Paste

Cut Paste

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Cut pastes for treating wounds.


  • Cut Paste Hi
  • Cut Paste (liquid)
  • Top Jin M
  • Cut Repair Sealer (Kirikuchi-Naoru)

Tips & Usage

  • Cut Paste Hi is an all-purpose brown putty that remains soft after application.
  • Cut Paste (liquid) is a soft version of Cut Paste Hi. It is brown with a periwinkle tint that remains relatively soft after application.
  • Top Jin M is an orange liquid that dries hard. It contains Thiophanate-methyl, a nematocide with fungicidal properties. It is popular for use with azaleas and tropical varieties.
  • The Cut Repair Sealer, aka "Bondo" Kirikuchi-Naoru, is a green liquid that dries hard. It can heal wounds quickly but can cause thick callus to form. It is popular with flowering and fruiting varieties like Japanese flowering quince, 'Chojubai.'
  • Liquid sealers are good for treating large numbers of small cuts.

Made in Japan


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