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Bonsai Soil by the Bag

Local Pick-up / Delivery

If you are in the San Francisco Bay Area, you can buy bonsai soil by the bag for local pick-up at Encinal Nursery in Alameda, CA. Local delivery is also available. Check availability below; call (510-915-2025) or write  to place an order.

Volume Discounts

If you are a business, have a large collection, or are looking to save by splitting an order with friends or club members, buying by the pallet is a great option. Wholesale rates apply to orders of 50+ total bags. See prices and availability information below.


Shipping by the pallet is available within the contiguous U.S. for orders of 50 bags (any combination) or more. Pallets are shipped from California. Rates vary by state and range from approximately 150 per pallet on the West Coast to 325 on the East Coast. (Actual rates may differ as fuel rates change frequently.) Deliveries can be shipped to a business with a forklift or held at will call at the shipper's local service center. Call 510-915-2025 or write  for a quote.


Prices and Availability


Akadama, 18L bag

Size: S (3/32"-1/4"), M (1/4"-3/8"), L (3/8"-3/4")

Price: 27.00 (18.00 wholesale)

Availability: S (limited), M (good), L (limited)


Clay King Conifer Mix, 18L bag

Clay King conifer mix (black bag) is a blend of akadama (approx. 60%), pumice and lava.

Size: S (3/32"-3/16"), M (3/16"-5/16")

Price: 37.00 (wholesale: 27.00)

Availability: S (good), M (n/a)


Clay King Deciduous Mix, 18L bag

Clay King deciduous mix (red bag) is a blend of akadama (approx. 80%) and pumice.

Size: S (3/32"-3/16"), M (3/16"-5/16")

Price: 37.00 (wholesale: 27.00 )

Availability: S (limited), M (n/a)


Kanuma, 18L bag

Size: S (3/32"-1/4"), M (1/4"-3/8"), L (3/8"-3/4")

Price: 27.00 (18.00 wholesale)

Availability: S, M and L (limited)


Pumice, 25L bag

Size: S (3/32"-3/16"), M (3/16"-5/16"), L (5/16"-7/16"), LL (1"-3")

Price: 18.00 (wholesale: 12.00)

Availability: S (limited), M and L (Good)


Scoria (Lava Rock)

(Currently unavailable)


Call Jonas at 510-915-2025 or write  with any questions - I'm looking forward to hearing from you!