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Carving Tools

Carving Tools

$ 90.00


Carving tools for creating bonsai deadwood features. See Basic Carving Kit for a discounted starter set of carving tools.


  • 6.5" Carving Knife
  • 7" Spoon Gouge (87M)
  • 7" Spoon Gouge Pointed Tip (87G)
  • 7.5" Curved Tip Knife (8718)
  • 7.5" Pointed Tip Knife (87L)
  • 8" Draw Knife (87C)
  • 8.25" Jin Knife (2281)
  • 8.25" Jin Knife Narrow Tip (2282)
  • 10" Jin Knife (8719)
  • 10" Jin Knife Narrow Tip (8717)

Tool Tips

  • All carving tools come pre-sharpened. Use caution as tool blades and points are sharp. 
  • Jin Knives are double sided. The blades on the 8.25" models are stainless steel and resist rusting.


  • The Draw Knife can be used for creating jin.
  • Jin Knives are designed to remove bark completely. They can be used to define the lifeline or create deadwood.
  • When used with care, the Pointed Tip Knife can be used for striping away the top layers of bark while preserving live tissue below. 

Made in Japan