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$ 58.00


Surgical-style and bent nose bonsai tweezers.


  • 7" Surgical-Style (64A)
  • 9.25" Surgical-Style Basic (64B)
  • 9.25" Surgical-Style Professional (64B Point Tip)
  • 8" Bent Nose (61A)
  • 7.8" Bent Nose Drop Forge (63A)
  • 8.5" Pine Needle (62)

Tool Tips

  • The 9.25" models are similar in shape. The primary difference is that the professional model closes softly whereas the basic model requires more pressure to close.
  • The drop forge model is very strong.


  • Straight tweezers are perfect for removing old leaves or needle-work on pine bonsai.
  • Bent nose tweezers are great for cleaning the surface of the soil or light root-work.


Made in Japan