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Water Nozzles

Water Nozzles

$ 22.00


Water Nozzles with small holes for gentle sprinkling.

Note: These nozzles do not come with threads. If your hose has threads, you can use a small section of hose with a female adapter or use the Nozzle Adapter Kit found here.

Number of Holes

  • Chrome (both): 381 (hole size .35mm)
  • Copper (both): 553 (hole size .35mm)


  • Chrome: 13"
  • Chrome with valve: 14.5"
  • Copper: 13"
  • Copper with valve: 13.8"
Hole Size
  • Chrome: 13" .35mm
  • Chrome with valve: .35mm
  • Copper: .35mm
  • Copper with valve: .35mm

The Nozzle Adapter Kit includes a 24" section of hose with female threads for attachment to standard 5/8" garden hoses.

Nozzles made in Japan